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Harriet Darwin — , married Admiral Thomas James Maling Darwin’s personal appearance is described in unflattering detail in his Biographical Memoirs, printed by the Monthly Magazine in Darwin, the description reads, “was of middle stature, in person gross and corpulent; his features were coarse, and his countenance heavy; if not wholly void of animation, it certainly was by no means expressive. The print of him, from a painting of Mr. Wright, is a good likeness. In his gait and dress he was rather clumsy and slovenly, and frequently walked with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Darwin, reports that “during the last few years, Dr.

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As evidenced by the minutes of the Darwin Power Boat Club courtesy of Josephine Saunders , the two organisations contributed greatly to establishing the rules of the event and its running in the early years. Paul had got as far as the concept of a beer can raft, when Lutz came up with the idea of putting an out an outboard motor on the back and the idea of racing beer can boats was born.

We believe that beer can boat design work occurred during both and , as we have unsubstantiated reports of beer can boats on Darwin harbour in both years. The beer can boat design work was not without issue and there was an accident that nearly killed Lutz in October A boat had been left with its motor idling, but with no-one at the helm, when the engine engaged and ran over Lutz.

With the th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin this week, people around the world are celebrating his role as the father of evolutionary theory.

She is very nice, but also tends to speak in a strong voice. Even though they outwardly seem to be opposites, Betty and Didi are very good friends. She comes off as a tough and energetic yet tomboyishly beautiful woman, always giving a friendly-but-painful back slap, and fawns over her twins. She loves a good cup of coffee and is always quick with a witty comment.

The character seems to be into sports as she used to be a pro-wrestler and always wears a blue headband. Contents [ show ] Description Betty is considered a loud, energetic, tough, athletic, but friendly and likable lady. She plays as a sort of ruffian in comparison to her husband Howard who is more quiet and soft spoken. Betty considers herself a feminist, and wears a purple shirt with the symbol for “female” on it.

Her big brother, Freddie , wears a shirt identical to hers but has the male symbol on it instead. In All Grown Up!

Erasmus Darwin

Australia is a Commonwealth country known mostly by foreigners as Great Britain with a less fruity accent, with sun in the sky that you can actually see and get third degree burns from. It is also called “Oz” for short, or “Down under”, after a popular position among ibis rapists. The name “Australia” originates from the Aboriginal word “Walla’borongamala” meaning “where the bloody hell am I?

No history of the BCR can ignore the contributions of the Darwin Ski Club, or the Darwin Power Boat Club, and the membership of each (which did overlap).

He was the grandson of two prominent abolitionists: Erasmus Darwin on his father’s side, and Josiah Wedgwood on his mother’s side. Painting of seven-year-old Charles Darwin in Both families were largely Unitarian , though the Wedgwoods were adopting Anglicanism. Robert Darwin, himself quietly a freethinker , had baby Charles baptised in November in the Anglican St Chad’s Church, Shrewsbury , but Charles and his siblings attended the Unitarian chapel with their mother.

The eight-year-old Charles already had a taste for natural history and collecting when he joined the day school run by its preacher in That July, his mother died. From September , he joined his older brother Erasmus attending the nearby Anglican Shrewsbury School as a boarder. Darwin found lectures dull and surgery distressing, so he neglected his studies.

He learned taxidermy in around 40 daily hour-long sessions from John Edmonstone , a freed black slave who had accompanied Charles Waterton in the South American rainforest. One day, Grant praised Lamarck ‘s evolutionary ideas. Darwin was astonished by Grant’s audacity, but had recently read similar ideas in his grandfather Erasmus’ journals. He learned the classification of plants, and assisted with work on the collections of the University Museum , one of the largest museums in Europe at the time.

As Darwin was unqualified for the Tripos , he joined the ordinary degree course in January


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Darwinius is a genus of primates known from only one was discovered in by an amateur at the Messel is a disused shale quarry noted for its astonishing fossil preservation, near the village of Messel, about 35 km (22 miles) southeast of Frankfurt am Main in Germany.

Harriet Darwin — , married Admiral Thomas James Maling Darwin’s personal appearance is described in unflattering detail in his Biographical Memoirs, printed by the Monthly Magazine in Darwin, the description reads, “was of middle stature, in person gross and corpulent; his features were coarse, and his countenance heavy; if not wholly void of animation, it certainly was by no means expressive. The print of him, from a painting of Mr. Wright, is a good likeness.

In his gait and dress he was rather clumsy and slovenly, and frequently walked with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Darwin, reports that “during the last few years, Dr. Darwin was much subject to inflammation in his breast and lungs; he had a very serious attack of this disease in the course of the last Spring, from which, after repeated bleedings, by himself and a surgeon, he with great difficulty recovered. Fox, of Derby, considers the disease which occasioned it to have been angina pectoris; but Dr.

Garlicke, of the same place, thinks this opinion not sufficiently well founded. Whatever was the disease, it is not improbable, surely, that the fatal event was hastened by the violent fit of passion with which he was seized in the morning. Erasmus Darwin is commemorated on one of the Moonstones , a series of monuments in Birmingham.

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Unfortunately, a lot of the messages never seem to show up on my end at MSN. Those following the other thread on Walter ReMine’s book may have noticed that Scott has decided to enter the fray and has done so rather clumsily. Scott has chosen, instead, to claim alternately that I either haven’t read “The Biotic Message” or that I fail to understand it.

Let the reader decide. On page 98 of the book, Walter begins a discussion of tautologies.

Mr. Maurice Bob Mandrill is the school’s spiritual guidance counselor, who gives students advice on their emotional struggles in life. He is characterized as a stereotypical portrayal of “touchy-feely” guidance counselor, an aged hippy, and an ex-hobo. He’s also the school band director.

He was voiced by John Kassir, who is infamous for his role of Cryptkeeper. Contents [ show ] History Jealousy first appears when Gumball sees Penny spending more time with Leslie than him. Jealousy than plots to separate Leslie from Penny through various attempts that failed. On one of his attempts to place a stolen trophy which he recently stole in Leslie’s locker which he pried with a crowbar to get open. Penny insists Gumball try to make amends with Leslie to which he agrees.

Although it is revealed Leslie and Gumball have a lot in common, Jealousy uses the opportunity by gluing him to the bench and drops snails and other herbivorous insects upon him and leaves him for dead. Jealousy’s plan was seemingly a success but Leslie had survived and called Gumball out in front of Penny. Jealousy immediately pounces on Leslie and rips out his petals. Darwin and Penny stop Gumball and see no trace of him under the influence of Jealousy and Carrie formulates a plan that will expel Jealousy from his body.

In Carrie’s house she surrounds him in a circle of pepper to keep him from hurting anyone.

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Edit Originally, Gumball was to be a blue dog in the series. Not much thought was put into this choice – as it was more of a placeholder than a final design. As the creators developed the character further, they decided to make him a black cat, as it fit the personality they had in mind for him: The creators found this trait to be too restricting in terms of possible plots and stories. In addition, a silhouette cat would be “hard to read” on the backgrounds planned for the show.

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According to an interview with Ben Bocquelet , Darwin was originally designed for a show where mythical animals hid in a child’s backyard. When the show was not produced, he added Darwin to the show, because he liked his design. As of ” The Matchmaker ,” the two are dating. Darwin seems to be multilingual , as he spoke a complex Chinese sentence in ” The DVD ,” and spoke French in ” The Treasure ,” though the latter may only have been a temporary ability gained through hypnosis, and the subtitles for the former only stated “No.

In Project Exonaut , Darwin is available as an exosuit for 1, coins. However, he does other common tasks with his right hand. This suggests that he may be ambidextrous. It might be a development oversight as well. On an exclusive video on the official ” Elmore Stream-It ” YouTube page, it is revealed that Darwin can exhale for much longer than Gumball can. Darwin most likely has the longest name out of any character.

He has seven names, as shown in ” The Party. A fish with legs or a “Darwin fish” is also considered somewhat of a universal symbol for Darwinism. The name may also be a reference to the township of Raglan, New Zealand. The town is well known for its surfing, as well as a rare subspecies of dolphin.

Mr. Mandrill

Dan eventually asks her if she wants to go on a date with him, she accepts and writes her phone number on his arm. The pair become official in Beale St. Their relationship hits a turning point in Back of a Car , when Savannah learns that Dan and Marti’s first times were with each other. Dan feels guilty and breaks up with her in the next episode, claiming he’s not “boyfriend material” and that she deserves better.

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Life and History A photo of Kent which appears to be approximately from middle school. Kent is a very secretive individual, so details of his early life are hard to come by. Kent has offered up various pieces of information at different points in time, such him coming from a wealthy family, and being mostly raised by his grandmother. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Kent is what, if any, employment he has.

He refuses to disclose how he makes money, only offering the vague statement, “I have a life outside of YouTube. At any rate, his parents are divorced, and his father is living in Oakland. Kent presumably has a rather distant relationship with his parents, as they are rarely ever mentioned in his videos. Despite this, he seems to hold some degree of respect towards his father. He has claimed that he worked as a security guard for his uncle when he was 19, but it’s likely that this claim is exaggerated, if not completely fabricated.

While it isn’t unheard of for a year-old to be hired as a security guard, especially when they have a connection, it’s highly unlikely that any company would hire somebody with Kent’s small physique to do that sort of job.

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These formations may have resulted from carcass burial in an anoxic environment with minimal bacteria, thus delaying decomposition. Based on studies of now-rare but living stromatolites specifically, certain blue-green bacteria , the growth of fossil stromatolitic structures was biogenetically mediated by mats of microorganisms through their entrapment of sediments.

However, abiotic mechanisms for stromatolitic growth are also known, leading to a decades-long and sometimes-contentious scientific debate regarding biogenesis of certain formations, especially those from the lower to middle Archaean eon. Even though it is extremely rare, microstructures resembling cells are sometimes found within stromatolites; but these are also the source of scientific contention. The Gunflint Chert contains abundant microfossils widely accepted as a diverse consortium of 2.

Jun 21,  · – Scientific Evidence for Evolution Paul Andersen lists major evidence for the existence of evolution. He begins with a discussion of Charles Darwin and the evidence that he presented in the.

Alan has lost faith in humanity and turns the world black and white. Gumball must get over his hatred of Alan to bring the color back by singing. The boys are sitting on the couch eating grey pellet-shaped cereal. The display glitches out and then all the color drains from it. Anais comes into the living room, completely greyed-out, and says that there might be a problem with the mirror. She tells Gumball and Darwin that they should notice that they have been eating cat litter rather than cereal.

Nicole pokes her head out of the kitchen and explains that everything in the supermarket was grey so she resorted to using the pictures to judge the cereal’s quality. As she is trying to explain this, she turns grey and starts freaking out.

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