Ryanair cancels flights ahead of cabin crew strikes on Friday

Union moves to represent Ryanair pilots and cabin crew based in Italy Independent. The move is a serious escalation of the simmering discontent amongst Ryanair’s pilots as the airline continues efforts to restore a normal flight schedule amid a rostering fiasco that has led to hundreds of thousands of passengers being affected. Earlier this month, the ECJ ruled in a case related to six Belgium-based Ryanair workers, that a jurisdiction clause that sought to prevent them from bringing proceedings before courts which do have jurisdiction under EU legislation in the air passenger transport sector, was not enforceable against those employees. It effectively means that Ryanair crew can now have disputes regarding employment contracts held in the country where they habitually carry out their work, such as a Ryanair base, rather than in Ireland, the country under which the contracts are drafted. Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary has insisted the ruling does not alter the status quo of Ryanair’s staff and employment contracts, however. A notice from Uiltrasporti says that it is now making an official collective bargaining request to staff to represent Ryanair cockpit and cabin crew in Italy. Thousands of Ryanair pilots to hold crunch meetings across Europe “Uiltrasporti stands openly in favour of the Ryanair workers, pointing out that the mistakes made by a short-sighted management can no longer be tolerated and recalls the recent decision of the European Court of Justice in favor of fair competition and social dialogue,” the union notice declares. Ryanair has about a dozen bases in Italy, including some of the airline’s busiest bases.

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Cabin Crew Requirements Of Oman Air. Oman Air recruits fresh graduates as well as those with a few years of working experience. For those who enjoy the challenge of competing in the global marketplace, and want to be part of a team that delivers the best air travel service in the world.

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Share this article Share The discussions will now be held at the conciliation service Acas to reach an agreement, the source said. It is understood that Unite is taking legal cases on behalf of 1, members who say their travel benefits have been taken away because of taking part in previous strikes. New recruits at Heathrow are now in the so called mixed fleet, which makes up about 30 per cent of cabin crew.

Other Heathrow crew are in Eurofleet and Worldwide Fleet. The union says the so-called mixed fleet cabin crew, who joined BA in , are on lower pay than other staff. BA says mixed fleet cabin crew’s pay and rewards are in line with cabin crew at competitor airlines. Over the past year, union members have threatened strike action several times and there were walk outs in January and February.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A Delta Air Lines flight attendant smashed two bottles of wine over a passenger’s head as he tried to force a plane door open during a mid-air brawl. The year-old is charged with instigating the fight on board the Boeing which saw cabin crew and other passengers desperately battle to restrain him. According to an FBI affidavit, the incident began when Hudek, a first class passenger, lunged for an exit door at the front of the plane, grabbed the handle and tried to open it.

Police In the course of the scuffle that followed, Hudek repeatedly punched a flight attendant and a fellow passenger, and persisted in trying to pull open the door. A second flight attendant struck him over the head with two large wine bottles in a bid to subdue him. Both flight attendants were women. Hudek was finally restrained with zip ties as several passengers joined the fray, but not before he managed to pull the door lever halfway to the open position, the FBI said.

The affidavit made no mention of what might have precipitated the melee. Read More A flight attendant smashed two bottles of wine over Hudek’s head in a bid to subdue him Image: At one point during the scuffle, it said, he shouted, “Do you know who I am?

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No products in the basket. Therefore, it is crucial that you arm yourself with professional and insider information before you apply. Not only will this guide give you both of these but it will also tell you how to complete the cabin crew application form, how to prepare for the assessment centre and also how to pass the cabin crew interview, including actual interview questions.

Dec 19,  · Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair will move on to meetings with cabin crew unions “in due course,” it said on Tuesday, following its surprise shift to talk with pilot unions and after criticism from.

One flight attendant, Laurent M, has launched a petition calling on the French carrier to give gay cabin crew members the right to refuse to fly to Tehran, the Iranian capital. Air France has since agreed to allow female staff the chance to move to a different route if scheduled to fly to Iran. The route to Tehran is the first since Air France suspended flights to Iran since , when relations with the Arab country and the West deteriorated.

But with improved diplomatic talks and a landmark nuclear agreement, airlines, including British Airways, are resuming flights this year. However, Islamic law is strictly enforced in the country, including dress codes and behaviour. The Foreign Office warns that women, especially those travelling alone, should take extra care. Some human rights groups claim that as many as 6, gay men and lesbians have been executed in Iran for crimes related to their sexual orientation since the Iranian Revolution in Air France has pointed out that Saudi Arabia, where the airline also flies, has similar rules, and is also a country that can impose the death penalty for homosexuality.

Telegraph Travel has contacted Air France for its response. The airline has not yet commented on the new petition.

Cabin crew takes SAA to court

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A screaming passenger who started attacking cabin crew forced a pilot to perform an emergency landing. The angry man even started lashing out at fellow passengers before the pilot finally landed the plane and four security raced on board. Eyewitnesses said the irate man was lunging at and biting the guards as they desperately told him to “calm down”.

The man, who has not been named, can be heard growling and shouting furiously as someone says in the background:

Staff at Aer Lingus’s Dublin-based complaints department have been offered a choice between possible redeployment as cabin crew or voluntary severance.

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