Description[ edit ] Balaur bondoc compared in size to a human Balaur is a genus of theropod dinosaurs estimated to have lived about 70 million years ago in the late Cretaceous Maastrichtian , and contains the single species B. While the feet of most early paravians bore a single, large “sickle claw” on the second toe which was held retracted off the ground, Balaur had large retractable sickle claws on both the first and second toes of each foot. It also possesses a great number of additional autapomorphies , including a reduced and presumably nonfunctional third finger, consisting of only one rudimentary phalanx. It consists of a variety of vertebrae , as well as much of pectoral and pelvic girdles , and a large part of the limbs. It is the first reasonably complete and well-preserved theropod from the Late Cretaceous of Europe. It had short and stocky feet and legs, and large muscle attachment areas on the pelvis which indicate that it was adapted for strength rather than speed. Both traits are unique in the Theropoda.

My Own Genius Hour: Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning

How I Save Money Because I’m a teacher and we aren’t exactly on the Fortune list, I’m always looking for ways to save and make money. As a high school math teacher, I love numbers and I compete with myself to find new ways to play with money. Household My parents live one mile away from me and they make their own laundry detergent so I just steal a gallon of it every time I run out. This may or may not be an option for you but you could always make your own with this recipe.

You can basically create any cleaning product for much cheaper if you look on Pinterest first. I have a programmable thermostat that I program to change the temperature while I’m gone at school so my system runs less and I can save money on utilities.

I absolutely love this. Finding that healthy relationship between practicing MA, being a father of two, and running a business is a tough one.

I will tell you that it turns off anyone who doesn’t smoke, but we usually get a strong showing of people who don’t come to any of our other events. People get so thirsty so fast. Make sure you have some. This is a thing that is pretty much local to where I am from. You play lacrosse in bumper-cars, it’s a lot of fun. If you don’t have it where you guys are at, look for something that is local and fun.

A lot of guys who are not from the area are excited to attend something they can tell their friends back home about. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s pretty easy. Get a couple of your guys who play guitar to bring them. This is a great opportunity to do some sort of ice-breaker that will help you get to know your PNMs better. I hope you don’t mind me “bashing” your philanthropy event idea, but it sounds kind of lame.

I would recommend something where people don’t have to spend any money, and that is a little more active. We probably get the largest number of excellent potentials from this event than we do any other.

Play 3D Mahjonng Dimensions Game Free from AARP

I feel like I’m starting to get into the groove of things, but I’m definitely grateful that we have a three day weekend coming up pronto! These scientific notation notes were created for my physical science class that I am teaching this year. This is my first time ever teaching scientific notation since it is a middle school math standard in Oklahoma. We started with a discussion of why scientific notation is useful and what it looks like.

Then, we completed a foldable on converting to and from scientific notation.

Introduction. Please note that most of these Brand Names are registered Trade Marks, Company Names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only.

Mlm tue mmg ramai giler org sbb mlm minggu. Aku mmg slalu gie kedai makan nie sbb makanan sedap dan service pun cepat walaupun ramai org. Aku dan family dh nk habis makan dan ada sorang mamat nie baru makan Dlm x sampai seminit, tiba2 aku dgr ‘PANG! Kat kedai makan gak. Hubby aku ambil kerusi baby letak sebelah aku utk si gegirl. Biasa la, budak kecik duk lama2 so aku angkat si gegirl turun. Yg aku heran tue, bila lak dia amik kerusi tue? Bkn nyer leh duduk lagi.

Yang aku menyirap lagi, dia letak dlm kerusi tue handbag. Aku dan hubby baru balik keje dan berada dihadapan rumah.

Compact Little LPs (Juke Box EPs)

The unique Crossley Delta with a 3. It was painted blue and cream. It was joined by fellow vehicles of the same batch as follows:

28/10/18 – Alan, the good news is yes there are but they may take a bit of finding. I would suggest ‘Trent Part one, – 45’ by David Bean, which has details .

Coral The Coral label was dark red sometimes reddish brown with silver print. Dearborn The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top. It had a red label with gold print. The label was black with silver print; the 45 label is shown at left. It was founded in New York in as a company focused on stereo. It did well until , then faded some until , when the original owner, Harry Belock, sold the company to his former accountant Bernard Solomon, completing the deal February 20, Solomon proceeded to sell off all the studio equipment and move the label to Los Angeles.

The label at left was the earliest label used in issuing the Little LPs, as it was a leftover label from the time before the sale, when the company was still in Long Island. Solomon used up the stock of these labels in The label was blue with silver print, with mountains in two small boxes. These Little LPs were stereo, and said so on the cardboard jacket, but not on the label.

A second label was used which gave the address as Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, 69, Calif, which was the first address Solomon had upon moving to California in This label was blue with silver print, and had a mountain above the center hole with jagged sides which looked like lightning bolts.

AP Calculus AB Skill Drills

Friday, March 23, Practice, Practice, Practice Some of you might have read lmhenry9’s blog posts over the past few days over getting kids to practice and how to structure a class. All of the below were used in Alg1, Geo, and Alg I use different methods in AP. Her first post was about how to get students to do their assignment.

SENCOR Toothbrushes. People have been cleaning their teeth since time immemorial, as proven by finds dating back to years B.C. The first toothbrush made from pig bristles and bone appeared in around B.C., although it was not yet known as a TOOTH brush.

The colours by the way were a darkish green and cream. I do like the sliding doors but they never really caught on, why not? If you know, let me know, please leave a comment. A full list of Titan codes can be seen here. This meant that they were moved by an accelerating force rather than at a steady speed as they would be by an electric motor. Being quite heavy they were slow to get moving, and then moved faster and faster, eventually shutting with a massive thump.

square root of negative one teach math:

Her 7th grade ELA English Language Arts classes are working to improve their lives through student-directed learning – without marks throughout the year. This is a log of their learning experiences Want to have her speak with your staff or facilitate a workshop? I quickly followed Julie Graber on Twitter after I read the start of this book. This book is short, but hard to read all in one sitting. I needed to let the ideas sit.

Sarah Carter is an Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc teacher at Coweta High School in her hometown of Coweta, OK. Previously, she taught high school math and science in .

Friday, July 29, Growth Mindset Mistakes Poster A continual focus in my classroom is helping my students build a growth mindset. One quote I’ve seen time and time again when it comes to mindset is “Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected, and corrected. This summer, I decided that I wanted to post this on the wall in my classroom as a reminder to students. I looked online to see if anybody else had already made a poster, but I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye. Though, there might have been a great one that I just missed somehow To be honest, I didn’t spend all that much time looking.

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A friend of mine is mad about football. He used to play it in the yard. I bet, not only in his one. Never stay at the following hotel, it is not very hospitable to its clients. If your girlfriend lives near your place, you can propose her in the following original way. This is a very odd example.

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It proved to be a great resource. Please check it out! Things I liked about it: There was more than one way to “solve” each puzzle The scaffolding was wonderful! Puzzle 1 and 2 were similar, puzzle 3 and 4 were similar, and puzzle 5 and 6 were similar The questioning at the end of puzzle 1 would help students more easily solve puzzle 2 etc.

Shapes are much more friendly than x, y, and z.

Math = Love: Algebra 2

Share this article Share The statement said: Bin Laden, who claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks in the United States, is believed to have had more than 50 brothers and sisters and many stepmothers. His billionaire father Mohammed founded the Binladen Group, a sprawling construction conglomerate awarded many major building contracts in the Sunni kingdom.

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I have a script that allows me to make spatial queries on a PostgreSQL database via an API coming from a private editor I can’t directly query the database. This API is working with python 3. To summarize very quickly, this script is used to download elements of this database in the desired geographical footprint. Depending of the zone, you can obtain between 1 to over elements, each of them having very different sizes from Ko to Go.

The main window let you to set all options and then start the global process. Currently everything is done sequentially one element at a time. As you can imagine, if this element is quite large, the console freezes while waiting for the end of the download process. I’m not going to post the full script here, but through a very simple script I will try to show the main problem I’m trying to solve i. So, in order to avoid these freezing problems, the use of threads seemed to me to be the best solution.

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I teach high school, 90 minute block classes. I usually test every 5 periods when they see me on a Friday basically. Tests don’t usually take all or even half of a period. I will follow up once these stupid pictures load with another post including pictures of how I scored certain sections of some math 1 standards so you can get an idea of how the works in practice with examples. In general here is I define the levels: If everything is blank or not a real effort I will give a 0.

Balaur bondoc is a species of theropod dinosaur which lived in what is now Romania during the late Cretaceous period. It is the type species of the monotypic genus Balaur which was described by scientists in August , and was named after the balaur (Romanian pronunciation:), a dragon of Romanian specific name bondoc means “stocky”, so Balaur bondoc means “stocky .

Fighting Assessment Freak-Out Our school was asked to present a “high school” perspective on preparing for state assessments. I don’t know that we are doing anything all that unusual, but here are some of the things we shared. I don’t want to over-simplify this, but at a time when so much is unknown, it makes sense to focus on what we do know. In the CCSS, we have a document that states what our students need to know. Make sure you’re teaching that stuff. Focus on the essentials.

While it is our goal to teach every standard, we know that might not be possible. We printed out the standards for each of our classes, one to a page. One at a time, we took the standards for each class and sorted them into “most”, “somewhat”, and “less” important. Then we took the “most important” stack and narrowed it down to the most essential standards for each class. If we don’t do anything else, we’ll make sure our students don’t leave our classes without mastering those standards.

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