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Intime has a great post up on mASF about how to make-out with a chick fast. Unless maybe a FB relationship This post also assumes you can get attraction right off the bat. Must make out now”. So now we assume you have her isolated or she is a lone wolf. Use the most high impact stuff you have right off because you are going to be cycling through the stages fast. Proximity and kino is key. Everytime she cracks up, you must be close enough for her to touch you first.

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Heck, I even had a momentarily girl crush with Kim Yoojung! She’s so freaking pretty! We are all sad to let Jinyoung’s character go in the drama. He died in the series.

Its about a high school girl who was able to fulfill her dream of dating her dreamboy who was a kpop idol studying in the same high will their love last forev samuelaredondo. myman. ioi +22 more #2. Likely Story ~ Seventeen by K 13 boys set out to steal a precious jewel but are caught in the process.

It was published in the July issue. Special thanks to Ms Seema Sangra, the Editor and the Art Director of the magazine for publishing this sun bear article. Indeed, they are one of the most neglected large mammals in Southeast Asia. They are the only tropical bear species inhabiting lowland tropical forests throughout much of Southeast Asia — found in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.

They are also distributed as far west as Bangladesh and northeastern India and as far north as the southern Yunnan Province in China. They are now occurring very patchily through much of their former distribution range, and have been extirpated from many areas, especially the mainland of Southeast Asia.

Two subspecies of sun bears are recognized: Appearance The sun bear is the smallest among the eight living bear species. The mainland subspecies is a bit larger, with the adult male weighing up to kg, than the male of the Bornean subspecies which can weigh as little as 50 kg in the wild.

Siew Te Wong’s sun bear journal:

One of impressions. One limited edition portrait, by the illustrator Frank C. Cabell, James Branch Caesar, Julius BC.

Jang Keun-Suk graduated from Hanyang University on February 20, He first enrolled in the school in and he has also donated more than billion South Korean Won ($ million USD) to the school’s scholarship fund.

You can visit his blog at RooshV. In an interesting article written nearly ten years ago , a writer by the name of Orson Scott Card has forecasted a lot of what has happened with the rise of homosexual culture in America. Civilization requires the suppression of natural impulses that would break down the social order. Why would men submit to rules that deprive them of the chance to satisfy their natural desire to mate with every attractive female? Why would women submit to rules that keep them from trying to mate with the strongest richest, most physically imposing, etc.

Because civilization provides the best odds for their children to live to adulthood. Civilizations that enforce rules of marriage that give most males and most females a chance to have children that live to reproduce in their turn are the civilizations that last the longest. In this delicate balance, it is safe to say that beginning with a trickle in the s, but becoming an overwhelming flood in the s and s, we took a pretty good system, and in order to solve problems that needed tweaking, we made massive, fundamental changes that have had devastating consequences.

Now huge numbers of Americans know that the schools are places where their children are indoctrinated in anti-family values. Huge numbers of children are deprived of two-parent homes, because society has decided to give legal status and social acceptance to out-of-wedlock parenting and couples who break up their marriages with little regard for what is good for the children.

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What settings could this computer run at with no lag? I also make videos. Would recording lag me? I just need to know what I’m getting for I just need to know what I’m getting for the price range. For almost 2 years now I have had terrible stomach problems and constant diahrea and nausea.

Xexx Demone Entered WWE:THS about the same time he returned to OVW. Successful in unveiling the full extent of his Superheel change, Xexx managed to push Trixter well, and cuase a lot of strife before business became more important than pleasure.

If time was bounded as anything precious in this world, so did my life, especially the specific number of heartbeats I have that could possibly end this goddamn life of mine. It couldn’t be the truth I was so sorry for myself. I’m messing with y’all. Anyways, I was in the second year of high school and I’ve recently got the gist of a new student. Her name was Kim Sohye and she was in the same classroom with me, here in a school by the remote countryside. I would gaze at her for some time and I noticed that she doesn’t mingle with anyone.

I forgot to introduce myself. I get a special nickname under the calling of “Cinnamon Roll” but in this institution, everyone calls me “Baekjo”. It’s ing weird but it almost self-explanatory, so why in Buddha’s name would I explain? I’m a normal teenager like any typical person would see everyday. I always keep my hair long.

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The look at highlights influencing factors which are impacting or reinforcing industry atmosphere akin to Government Policy, technological changes and so on along with key market drivers. Browse for Full Report synopsis at: Additionally, the file additionally covers special sections similar to new assignment SWOT analysis, funding feasibility evaluation, and funding go back analysis. Enquire for personalisation in Report https: Key questions replied during this report – Global Nut Butters Market Size, Status and Forecast What will the industry length be in and what’s going to the boom fee be What are the important thing market developments.

This was the old Simpson drydock dating from the pre-Civil War era and which had been used at that time for the construction of clipper ships. This drydock was removed to Bethlehem’s repair yard in .

Kim Do Yeon tweeted today, “After the dating rumors, I did not explain myself due to Woollim’s request, but now it has come to this point because I can no longer keep silent with the amount of physical and mental damage I have received. I will be filing lawsuits against hate comments”, along with an image file of the full statement she has written to express her thoughts about her situation.

She starts off, “I couldnt’t sit around any longer watching the damage so I kept patient and patient and belatedly uploaded a post. Starting from when the dating scandal came out up until now, his agency asked me to stay quiet for Myung Soo’s sake so I kept silent. I thought that was best for him and that I would be able to hold it in well. After the incident, fans would throw rocks at me on my way home from work and scratch up my car, and even when there were happenings like that, I didn’t press charges.

I would come home and lie to my parents that my face is puffy because I accidentally bumped into something to assure them. I waited for things to become quiet but they became more violent and threw trash in front of my office. The level of their actions became gradually worse as they disrupted the sales of our shopping mall by buying in bulk and then returning everything. In the end, my parents who have been sick recently fainted and were admitted into the hospital and said that it was very sad to see their daughter, who they raised and event sent overseas for study, hurt because of this.

Upon seeing my mother crying, although it’s late, to protect one person, I think I wasn’t able to protect the ones I love and myself so I plan to reveal everything. The ulzzang also writes that she and L have not met with each other at all since then, hinting that they are no longer together.


One of the Most Anticipated Korean Rookie Actor- A Discovery of Yang Sejong If you are a follower and an avid fan of korean drama, you’d probably be able to distinguish good actors from bad actors. Korean acting is very specific. In a korean drama production, it is important that actors have good pronunciation and good technique in delivering their lines.

Just like the last time, these rumors have now been squashed by Coinbase. Coinbase tweeted out “Our January 4th, statement continues to stand: we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase.

You can use your Broweser’s Find function to locate a specific term. Ensures that the API function is called even if the object that makes the call has a member function of the same name. Second generation 2G wireless data networks in Japan deliver datarates up to 9. The 3DNS Controller is a high availability, intelligent load balancing solution for geographically distributed Internet sites and data centers.

User requests are distributed according to factors such as round trip time, number of active servers, packet loss, etc. BIG-IP 3G – Third generation 3G wireless networks in Japan deliver datarates on the order of 64 kbps for upload and on the order of kbos for downlad. These higher speeds allow the transmission of video and two-way video telephony. Other data connections, e. In Japan there are three parallel, independent and competing 3G networks.

The collaboration agreement brings together a number of telecommunications standards bodies which are known as “Organizational Partners”. The scope was subsequently amended to include the maintenance and development of the Global System for Mobile communication GSM Technical Specifications and Technical Reports including evolved radio access technologies e.

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He is a celebrity choreographer, singer, actor and television personality. Somizi joined this season of Idols SA. He is also now the fourth judge. His outlook is just hilarious. He puts on weird outfits combinations. His hairdos are also quite complementary.

7m Followers, Following, 2, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Sandara Park (@daraxxi).

Highlights Every interaction with Kim Jong Kook. Along with Jang Hyuk, they are known as the dragon brothers. He’s also great friends with the guys on the show including Haha and Kang Gary. That’s why his appearances on the show are so funny—it feels like you are hanging out with a group of friends who have known each other since they were kids. Since they know each other so well, they can turn every situation into something funny. Cha Tae Hyun knows how to play with this.

My Sassy Girl 2 is set to be released in , and in he starred in the movie Slow Video. He is also starring in an upcoming kdrama, The Producer, set to be released in May


And has assisted his friends in their own business ventures. World Entertainment Wrestling was controlling the wrestling world, but was soon over taken by a formerly closed powerhouse known as World Maniac Wrestling, which was going into year eight very strongly. Xexx will always call WMW Home Becuase his greatest matches are there, his first Hell In a Cell match against a man named Tallas which saw him feeding his face with cement after he spear tallas from the Cell Roof into the third row of the audience.

Lewis (15) discusses Plutarch’s testimony, pointing out the evidence for the particularly democratic nature of the palaistra, from which metics and slaves were barred, and the ergasterion, where small groups of individuals met regularly to exchange news, rumors, and information.

I also copy-pasted a comment left on my blog to Facebook by Apollohan , who made a very good observation which opened my mind to a newer aspect on the subject…which warrants this extensive post. To some, this innocuous observation may come off as sexist with a tinge of degradation. For myself though, it was eye-opening and it made perfect sense.

Who or what is an AFC? An Average Frustrated Chump. In other words; the Average Joe who goes about life in a bubble of illusion and misunderstandings as to what dating and women are like. If he happens to get lucky which is often the way he gets laid , his chances of procreation via insemination, is as good as a donkey walking on 2 legs. Albeit, Betas do have kids! However, if women were lucky enough to have their way in every facet of life which they virtually do due to pussy power: Now, Beta-Males do have girlfriends, wives and significant others.

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Biggest red pill you ever had to swallow? What I mean hardcore I mean she doesn’t believe in evolution despite majoring in a STEM subject and voted for McCain over Obama in simply because she thought gay marriage would have less of a chance becoming legalized under McCain. Once she started college she started to get into partying and drinking.

U.S. Copyright Office Section Electronic – Notice of Intention to Obtain a Compulsory License for Making and Distributing Phonorecords [(d)(1)].

The NLP Mind website ]. It was and still is to this day an obsession of mines [politics and becoming a political-campaign speaker]. Politics has always consumed me, and I have a knack for spotting great politicians from the mediocre. What makes a great political figure, apart from delivering what the masses need, is his or her ability to create a cult-like following, which can only be done through NLP.

Political figures throughout recent history- good and bad- have made their marks in captivating the masses on a mass scale: Chief Geronimo, great leader of the Apache indina tribe of Arizona All those political figures good and bad had 1 thing in common: Christians do not enjoy hearing this, but We can use NLP for good purposes or bad. Perfect example would be a Mitt Romney, former U. His greatest failure was his inability to connect with people: It was part of his curriculum at the tertiary level of his education, including law school [Obama is a constitutional lawyer].

Lawyers, defense attorneys and prosecutors are all the greatest examples of NLP practitioners. Johnny Corchran, dubbed 1 of the greatest Criminal-defense lawyer in American history Successful attorneys study NLP [art of persuasion and convincing].

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