As usual, we just got off the field a minute ago. Had a good day. Probably the least recognizable coach on any college football staff is the strength and conditioning coach. On a scale of 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how important is the strength and conditioning program to staying or becoming successful on the field? Well, I think every hire needs to be a 10 personally. Very thankful for Gus Felder to be our head strength coach. At some schools, as late as the early s, players never lifted in season. Even back when I played, we would lift in season.

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Barton Yarborough left made several recurring appearances in Jeff Regan Investigator–as Joe Canto a fellow operative for the International Detective Bureau Our fanciful–though accurate–depiction of Jeff Regan’s business card. It’s a big building–made outta white granite; The Cosmpolitan Building. The man who built it is doing a long run up at San Quentin–for graft. Lyon, the guy I work for for, rents an office in that building:

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The only problem was, it didn’t come with an amplifier. The film offers a number of insights into Knopfler’s music and the key instruments that influenced his evolving style. From the opening scenes at a music shop in Newcastle’s Central Arcade, where the young Knopfler spent hours staring at guitars through windows, Illsley and Knopfler move on to the city of Leeds, where Knopfler once worked as a junior reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post. At one point in the film, Knopfler picks up the National and demonstrates how he hit on the famous arpeggio lines in “Romeo and Juliet,” from the Making Movies album, while experimenting with an open G tuning.

From Leeds, Illsley and Knopfler travel to the location of the original Pathway Studios in London, where they recorded their debut album, Dire Straits. Knopfler picks up his third key guitar, a Fender Stratocaster , and plays a few notes from the band’s breakthrough song, “Sultans of Swing.

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Currency Conversion Overview Yerevan is no match for the grandeur of its rivals Tbilisi and Baku, but it still has its charms. Regardless, the main appeal of the city is its laid back vibe. It was the only country I saw American-style obese women and Slavic model-types walking down the same street. That said, there are still some common features. Armenians dress more feminine than Georgians, but less so than Azeris.

Girls are quite image conscience and take care of their appearance. A top drawer Armenian in the cream of the region. If you do, prepare for a lot of attention. The good news is Armenians are very affectionate, feminine and the perfect blend of sexy versus romantic. Eva rivas Gaming Strategy: The prime day location to pick up is around Opera square, where many girls hang out on the benches or swam lake. Unlike Azeris, many Armenian girls drink in bars. That means a few meet-ups with you paying the bill and a lot of comfort building.

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In this book, Helen Garner gets everywhere: She reminisces about an abandoned teaching career, makes observations of familial relationships, a mother sinking into dementia, moving, learning how to play the ukulele and the delights of being a grandmother. So in one section of this collection, she describes how delighted she was with her appearance right before a glass of wine lands on her dress.

There are too many chapters to talk about them all, and anyway, whoever reads this is going to have their favourites. Parts are extremely personal, and yet at the same time, there are no rants about her spouses ex-spouses or a litany of their failings.

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Facts and Life Hacks Telegram which is the newest messaging app has taken Kenya by storm. Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service that is similar to WhatsApp allowing the users to send messages, images, and videos. The best part is that telegram groups can a ccommodate more group members in comparison to WhatsApp, and it also transmits information much faster and securely. For those of you who are mischievous, the security features of Telegram secures your chat connections and self-destructing messages.

If you are interested in being part of the exciting and secure online community, then this article is for you. A lot of Kenyans are inquiring about Tcelegram Channels Kenya and today we are providing you with the best telegram group links to participate in Kenya. For starters, if you do not have the telegram app yet, you can get it at your app store and join Telegram groups Kenya.

Top 10 best companies to work for in Kenya according to new survey There are many Kenya telegram groups to join link Kenya. All you need to do is sign up for an account and join the group of your choice. The maximum number of members of a super telegram group was inflated to up to five thousand in , and from with Telegram 4. Apart from the groups and channels, the Telegram groups also offer video messaging services. If you like video messaging, then version 4.

Telegram application has officially joined end to end encryption messengers like WhatsApp, and the release is available in the app store. The dedicated video hosting platform allows you to share video files with your followers.

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Good work mobirise team. We are expecting the new version soon with advance functionality with full bootstrap theme design. Give me more control over the object’s properties and ill be using this free app for more serious projects. I just wanted to complement you on a beautiful piece of software.

List of chat groups on Telegram that are oriented to the furry or anthropomorphic community.

He’s 70, almost 30 years older than me and we met on here and he called me tonight and were making plans for me to move out there so I can be with him for a long term relationship. James “Just want to say that your site is the best of all the personals sites that I’ve been on. Thanks for being there and for showing me that I’m not alone. We have been together for over a year strong now. As someone employed by the Minnesota AIDS Project it has definitely been a great resource for news and the personals have really helped me feel less alone.

As I know it has for many diagnosed with HIV. We are both happy as can be and it is really great with us both being positive and understanding the side effects and other issues that we have to put up with. Perhaps we would have never crossed paths without this infection. We may hear wedding bells in the near future.


As a political and economic commentator, Dr. The things made public by Dr. Beter are extraordinary — but so is the professional background which preceded his public visibility.

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It really breaks my heart that he is no longer on this planet with us. He went back Home in January this year and is no doubt, much more hands on in this transition than ever before. But, for a man I only knew thru his writings, I do miss his physical presence here on earth. I am truly grateful for the article that was shared by a wonderful soul, thru email.

What I share from this amazing output of light and wisdom from Ken, I will place in italics. Tho, I am sure it will be obvious what he wrote compared to what I share! For God to restore the Sacred Reality, simple fairness needs to rule resource distribution among humans, and the other species who along with us inhabit this world. Those among the super rich who are standing in the way will be stripped of all earthly influence.

Why does my mind instantly go to Trump. I cannot even bring myself to pay attention to what he is doing and the world powers that be reactions to this man boy. He is truly irrelevant to me, to us.


Apple has got a real competitor and recent figures show that Android is growing faster than the iPhone, and gaining ground quicker than Apple ever could have imagined. Why iPhone is better than the Android: As a result their App store is a lot bigger than Android app store. But bear in mind, Androids figures are made up of multiple different markets and there is no one where you will find all 1.

This is one of the things that gives the iPhone OS the advantage over Android.

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Zines are like mini, independently run magazines filled with anything from illustration and photography to political thought pieces and short stories. The piece is being edited to reflect their identities properly. Check out her zines here. I imagine it can be difficult enough to identify as mixed race in a world that loves to define us into neat little boxes, but to be queer on top of that is definitely an experience that everyone should read about. Find out how to grab a copy here.

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However, enforcement is lax, and the law specifically defines prostitution as “sex in exchange for money”. In other words, if you pay for some other “service” and proceed to have sex by “private agreement,” the law does not recognize it as prostitution. As such, Japan still has one of the most vibrant sex industries in the world. Osaka is probably Japan’s best place to eat, drink and party.

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Female Escorts There is quite good selection of escorts in Osaka. The ward was named after the historical Shitennoji temple. North covering the area north of Osaka. East The eastern suburbs of Osaka.

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Rescue teams had to use rubber dinghies to reach some people. Power has been switched off to the area as a preventative measure. Just a quarter of city voters have a favorable opinion of Republican candidate Lhota, while a third say they haven’t heard enough about him to form an opinion, the poll found.

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An Aussie’s travels to air shows, aviation museums and related events around the world, with a bit of aerospace history along the way! In the 11 years the B Peacemaker was in service it was never used in combat. As World War Two progressed this requirement changed to bombing targets in the Pacific theatre but with the success of the Boeing B Superfortress the aircraft was more or less put on the back-burner.

The prototype Peacemaker the XB was built in The giant single tyres were replaced by a 4 tyre configuration in production aircraft First flight of the XB on August 8th, In the XB dwarfed its predecessor the Boeing B Superfortress! The B could carry the massive Mark 17 atomic bomb which was 6. Although found to be technically sound the hookup process was extremely difficult even for experienced test pilots yet alone in inclement weather.

Note the special nose attachment for connecting to the GRB D. The project was cancelled in It shared the same wings, engines and some other airframe components. It was tested and used for research from to The crew consisted of the pilot, copilot, flight engineer and two nuclear engineers. Luckily the program was cancelled and the aircraft was scrapped in Convair NB H in flight.

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