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Terry Avery, who divorced Nia last year, revealed to TMZ he has a year-old daughter from their relationship. He tells the website he’s worried about Brown’s well-known short fuse and says he’d better not lose it around his ex-wife and the kids, or there will be repercussions Scroll down for video He’s been warned: The ex-husband of Nia Amey, the mother of Chris Brown’s nine month old daughter, is warning the hip hop star to watch his temper, according to a new report On Tuesday the news broke that Brown had fathered a child with Amey, 31, who named the girl Royalty. Avery also told the gossip website he had no idea the baby belonged to the hip hop star, but is well aware of Brown’s notorious temper and he threatened there’ll be consequences if the singer steps out of line with Amey or either of her children. It emerged on Saturday that the Texan beauty, 31, already had a daughter with her now ex-husband when she became pregnant with Brown’s kid Meet the ‘baby mama’: Amey, who is said to be a longtime friend of Chris, is raising Brown’s child in Texas On Saturday there were already signs that the situation between Brown and his baby mama could get nasty. Brown has reportedly ordered his lawyers to file legal documents so he doesn’t have to pay as much child support to the mother of his ‘love child. The hip hop star, pictured on Monday in Atlanta,is now taking legal action to reduce the amount of child support he pays According to TMZ , Brown wants to reduce the payment amounts he originally agreed with her, which were allegedly contingent on her keeping her mouth shut about their child. According to TMZ , Brown, 25, was eager for the model to bear his children but she had insisted that they marry first, telling him no ring, no babies.

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More News Bombshell baby. Nick Young’s ex-girlfriend Keonna Green, who is pregnant with the athlete’s second child, spoke exclusively with Us Weekly about their relationship, her pregnancy and what’s next for the pair. Green, the owner of L. She says that Young, 31 — with whom she already shares son Nick Jr. Young announced his split from Iggy Azalea on June The pair began dating in and got engaged June

Tom Brady and ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan are the parents of a son named Jack. The couple broke up shortly before Brady started dating wife Gisele Bundchen. ex-girlfriend was having his baby.

To a tropical island. We joked and laughed and drank fruity frozen cocktails. I wore a bikini and we had sex in the middle of the afternoon. It seems like forever ago. Before my stretch marks and C-section scar. I can almost remember the confidence I had. Just yanking off my pool dress. Tossing it on the chair like I never needed it. I cling to that pool dress now. Like my life depends on it, I cling to that dress. Just like I cling to the memories of that vacation.

Of how I felt so free and comfortable in my own skin. My skin feels different now. Someone whose body is out of control.

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His baby mama going through it, because she’s not the messy type. She had a lil girl before she met Draymond, but he takes care of her as if it was his. They do have a son together. The uncle.

In our parents’ day assuming you’re over the age of 25 couples seemed to have the same game plan: In this day and age, it’s not so cut and dried. With split-parent households becoming the norm, the modern gal has new scenarios to deal with: In many situations seemingly, the mother isn’t going to be overly receptive. Nothing you do seems to be good enough, everything that comes out of their mouth seems to be venom that puts such a strain on you and your relationship.

Don’t let it bring you down! Steps 1 Remember, the mother is a woman, a person, with emotions just like you. Many people think that they’re going to marry their baby’s daddy, but end up single parents. Maybe this brings about the bitter venom baby mama’s tend to spew. Ask your man about the relationship, how he felt about the news of his child’s conception and the end of the relationship.

That might help you understand the baby mama more and your man more. There is the other situation of mothers getting pregnant to keep someone and there is NO understanding that. It’s pretty silly to sit there and imagine “If she wasn’t here, all of this would be easier!

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Controversy[ edit ] Anthropologist Helen Fisher in What happens in the dating world can reflect larger currents within popular culture. For example, when the book The Rules appeared, it touched off media controversy about how men and women should relate to each other, with different positions taken by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd [58] and British writer Kira Cochrane of The Guardian.

Sara McCorquodale suggests that women meeting strangers on dates meet initially in busy public places, share details of upcoming dates with friends or family so they know where they’ll be and who they’ll be with, avoid revealing one’s surname or address, and conducting searches on them on the Internet prior to the date.

About Kiesha Miles. Kiesha “Babi” Miles has been in the spotlight since she was 15 years old, when she signed her first recording deal. A few years later, she made a name for herself as a singer in the wildly popular R&B group, Xscape.

So many women have entered into relationships with men who have children thinking it would not be a factor only to discover it can be a major source of conflict in the relationship. If you are a young woman who’s considering a relationship with a man with children, here are some things you need to keep in mind: If his child ren never interrupt his life, he is not parenting, he’s visiting. So many single young women who do not have children of their own jump at a chance to be with a man who says he has kids but still seems to have plenty of time to wine, dine and cuddle up.

If he’s with you all the time, then when exactly is he with his children? School, doctors visits, teacher conferences and sporting events are just some of the time consuming things that are included in raising children. If your man’s schedule is tied up by things unrelated to his children, take this as a warning. If you become pregnant, your child with him may have to endure this same absence. If he’s paying child support, make sure you’re not being used to supplement his income.

Yes, there are men who enter into relationships with women just to ease the financial burden that child support may be causing them. Understand that child support is not punishment but a responsibility and if he whines about having to pay it, chances are he’s whining about having to shoulder other responsibilities that a grown man should be capable of bearing. Does he want to move in with you after knowing you only for a short while?

Is he asking you directly for financial help or always conveniently bringing up his financial needs when you all are together? These are all red flags that should be taken heart attack seriously.

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Lilit gave birth to a beautiful 8 pounds, 9 ounces baby girl. The young and most recently new mom has been a busy girl, ever since she was a little girl she showed an interest for dancing. Lilit Avagyan went to Europe and studied just that for 12 years! She started in a ballet academy from which launched her ballroom career.

May 30,  · According to ‘F A M E O LOUS’ Dej Loaf is out of the picture, and Lil Durk’s baby mama blasted him for sexing Mieka “Hoe Ass” (her words) instead of paying his child support.

DC Young, a well-known name, has risen to fame through his funny contents and established himself as YouTube personality. He has all different layers of talents of an actor, a rapper, a singer and mostly comedian. He has comic charms from his childhood days which later flourished into a Vine comedy. He started Vining back in at the time of introduction of the app itself. He has a different style of comedy with roasting people out of pop cultures and himself too.

His funny vines were shared all over the social media soon enough to claim him as a YouTube personality.

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Instagram Celebrity Should the rumor be true, it will only make the rapper’s relationship status just got a lot more complicated than it has been. Nov 22, AceShowbiz – After splitting from Kylie Jenner , it’s reported that Tyga has found a new love of his life. But it appears that the “Taste” rapper can’t get himself out of Kardashian family’s shadow as he’s allegedly dating someone who has some history with the famous clan. As the NBA player has a baby with Khloe Kardashian , should the rumor be true, it will only make Tyga’s relationship status just got a lot more complicated than it has been.

In case you are keeping score, Tyga is Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfrend and he also has a baby with Black Chyna (Cairo) – who also has a baby with Rob (Dream).

A man who cannot stand by his decisions. A man who sees commitment as something so big it needs a mom, even when it means committing to a small decision. Or at least act like it. Because he gets his mom to make all his choices and he talks to her about literally everything in his life. His mom is there to deal with all his problems, to find solutions. So all you have to do is stay with this guy and pretend the world is on your side. Or you can leave.

Go outside, slam the door, and leave.

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The Automobile Association reports that four out of 10 drivers name their cars. More women than men do so 50 percent vs. So what, exactly, are these car names?

Top 7 Sugar Momma Dating Websites As you can see we ranked the top 5 sugar momma dating websites, in our list, which is the most popular sugar momma dating site and older women dating site, then never miss the top mom’s online dating sites.

Helping your baby mama out can land you in major trouble. Although Combs co-signed a bank loan for Hylton-Brim, the court documents stated that she stopped making payments on the home in As a result, Citibank demanded that Combs be held responsible for the home, despite him not living there. Responding to the suit, Combs fired back, saying he only helped Hylton-Brim get the loan because of her bad credit. He goes on to claim that Hylton-Brims agreed to handle all the mortgage payments.

Part of what Hylton-Brim received was supposed to go towards paying her mortgage. From there, Combs accused Hylton-Brim of not being able to manage her finances despite her getting huge child support checks from him every month. In addition, the entertainer claimed that he helped Hylton-Brim pay her mortgage on numerous occasions.

The bank countered the Bad Boy Records founder and CEO with claims that he was responsible for the default on the mortgage payments. In addition, the judge allowed the bank to begin the foreclosure process on the New York-based home.

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And trust me I will always have special respect for such women. These women take in so much. Living with divided attention and even for some, like these two, a constant fear of a possible rebound between their husband and baby mama is no mean feat.

His baby mama going through it, because she’s not the messy type. She had a lil girl before she met Draymond, but he takes care of her as if it was his. They do have a son together.

How on earth do you want a rational human being to come into your life only to make a baby, and after then, she’s shown out to the husband market again. Do you know what you’re asking for? Can you foot the cost, cos chances are high you’ll only meet pros in Baby making and not a random, sane and normal human you’ll want your baby be.

Just take the trouble and marry abeg. Dont forget to dole out cash to them when they are pregnant. Trust me it has worked for me Re: Eleyi gidi gan ooo

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Real Sugar Daddies and Young Beautiful Sugar Babies Sugar Daddies – are rich and successful men, such as doctors, lawyers, busy professionals, financiers, benefactors and the like. Single or married, no time for games? Looking to support and pamper women who will treat you like a King?

The issue is not so much about the baby as it is about the mama and the subsequent drama that unfolds when she finds out that the daddy has moved on. Some of the reasons women are petrified of dating baby daddies include.

Within five minutes of first meeting my wife she told me she dropped out of college five years earlier at nineteen to have her child. After a few dates, I learned she made a solid seventeen thousand dollars more per year than I did. And although her parents were divorced, she spent her formative years growing up under the same roof with both her parents.

Nothing was wrong with her. Why did she have a kid? I was filled with prejudices and judgments I made based on the horror stories I heard up until that point.


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