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Importance to Native trade[ edit ] The classic design featuring green stripe, red stripe, yellow stripe and indigo stripe on a white background In the North American fur trade , wool blankets were one of the main European items sought by native peoples in exchange for beaver pelts, buffalo robes, pemmican, moccasins, and other trade goods. They were desired because of wool’s ability to hold heat even when wet, and because they were easier to sew than bison or deer skins. Wool cloth of one kind or another was traded as far back as the French regime in North America — , but HBC point blankets were introduced in to compete with similar blankets offered by the Montreal-based private traders. The “point” system was invented by French weavers in the mid th-century since then, as now, blankets were shrunk as part of the manufacturing process. The word point derives from the French empointer, meaning “to make threaded stitches on cloth. Today Hudson’s Bay blankets are commonly found in point sizes of 3. Thickness and quality are the same blanket to blanket, and a larger blanket will naturally weigh more. Solid colours are available, as is the classic pattern featuring the green, red, yellow, and indigo stripes.

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History[ edit ] Poundmaker carrying a Hudson’s Bay point blanket In the North American fur trade , by , wool blankets accounted for more than 60 per cent of traded goods. About four inches in length except in the case of half points, which are two inches , they indicate the finished overall size area of a blanket and allow a blanket’s size to be easily determined even when folded. The point system was invented by French weavers in the mid s since then, as now, blankets were shrunk as part of the manufacturing process.

The word point derives from the French empointer, meaning “to make threaded stitches on cloth. Today Hudson’s Bay blankets are commonly found in point sizes of 3. Thickness and quality are the same blanket to blanket, and a larger blanket will naturally weigh more.

A Hudson’s Bay point blanket is a type of wool blanket traded by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) in western British North America and the United States during the 18th century and 19th century. The blankets were typically traded to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts.

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About the Project What is a Witney blanket? The obvious answer to this question is ‘a blanket made in Witney’ but the matter is rather more complicated than that: Blankets were not made by a single company or business but by lots of separate individuals and firms over the years. In turn these had a broad range of clients and customers that put them to lots of different uses.

Label from a ‘Witnedown’ blanket made by Smith and Philips’. One definition, taken from a s encyclopaedia, describes three types of wool blanket of which the finest quality is described as: In the finishing process of the Witney blanket the fibres are raised to form a fleecy pile on the surface so retaining its warmth properties’ [1]. This is often what people mean when they refer to ‘Witney blankets’. Many people also use the term ‘Witney blanket’ to refer to the point blankets that were traded through the Hudson Bay Company to North America, because they are one of the most famous Witney products.

Here is some further information that may help to explain what ‘Witney blanket’ has meant at different times: During the Middle Ages ‘blanquette’ or ‘blanket’ was more of a general term used to describe a particular type of white woollen broadcloth, not just a name for bed coverings or a specific product.

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Jan 11,  · Very few blankets hold the iconic status that Hudson’s Bay Point blankets do. These stripped blankets were created by the Hudson’s Bay Company in the Northern part of North America in Typically, the wool blankets were traded with Native Americans for pelts; arctic fox, lynx and most importantly beaver.

These coats were most popular in red and black stripe, and in multi-stripe green red, yellow and indigo stripes on a white background. The ones from the s period to which this one belongs were generally beltless and single breasted, whereas this fits the traditional mackinaw mold of the s and s, but with a bit more flair. I like the way the Maine Guide coats use the pattern of the blanket to accentuate the details of their coats.

The sleeves are defined by the stripe, as are the handwarmer pockets and the buttoned sleeve adjuster belts. The hip pocket flaps contrast against the main stripe. Some manufacturers of point blanket coats merely tailored their standard mackinaw pattern in a different material. Maine Guide went the extra step to take full advantage of everything the iconic Canadian fabric had to offer. The blanket wool is thick and has a long nap, which is also more typical of earlier production blankets than those found on coats dating from the s-present, after manufacturing was switched from England to Canada.

It makes sense, as the company had a lot of experience with blanket coats.

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I own a set of 14 historical prints published by you. This set of 14 prints was produced to commemorate Hudson’s Bay Company’s th anniversary in Thousands of them were produced and sold on the open market. HBC Heritage Services is not in a position to advise on the value of any item. We do not offer appraisals and indeed rely on experts to provide them to us when required.

Welcome to the site exclusively dedicated to point blankets. Point blankets are a type of trade blanket and are most closely associated with the Hudson’s Bay Company who have been marketing them into North America since

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Sep 20,  · Is there an online archive of Hudson Bay blanket labels and corresponding years? Update Cancel. The Bay has some tips on using labels for dating in this FAQ: I have a king-size Hudson Bay 8 point wool blanket, can I cut it down to a queen?.

The past few years have seen a tremendous increase in the number of individuals wishing to own a piece of Americana. These Pendleton collectable blankets are a combination of very old blankets circa to to unused blankets that are out of print and just a few years old. Prices of blankets are based on pattern rarity and design, colors, condition and age. Our antique blankets are 70 to years old and in excellent condition, but may have minor honest wear consistent with their great age. We unconditionally guarantee the age and authenticity of all of our blankets, so buy with confidence and please be warned that once you start collecting it can become addictive!

We often cite the two standard reference books in the antique blanket field: Both books are available upon request. Pendleton produced a “numbered blanket” 1 to on the first production of each Legendary Collection blanket. The patch is numbered but the open edition blanket is the same except for the patch design. The “Limited Edition” blankets are numbered and limited to a set number of blankets.

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Indian trade blankets are commercially woven wool blankets with striking geometric patterns. Trade blankets have long been an integral part of Native American culture. However, another weaving tradition began in the 18th century.

Our hudson’s bay point blankets retain the authentic percent wool quality that has made these blankets legendary. Like those sold in the 18th century, today’s blankets are made in england with wool blended from sources in england, wales, new zealand, and s:

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